ButterflyS 6-Axis Compass brushless RTF RC quadcopter

ButterflyS 6-Axis Compass brushless RTF RC quadcopter
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Product Description

SKYARTEC Butterfly Brushless Motor RC RTF Quadcopter

Product specification:
Size: 267mm x 267mm x 100mm
Weight: 300g

.Fixed-point hovering, Self-stabilizing system;
.Fast and stable: Can quickly eliminate the inertia caused by flight;
.Can complete some incredible stunt flying skills, also can stable cruise, to meet small scope Aerial photography to replace the complicated and expensive rc helicopter
.Easy to Fly, Easy to Control. Best choice for both beginners and experienced pilots.
.RTF (Ready to Fly, only required 8 AA batteries for the transmitter to start flying)
.You can buy All spare parts and accessories of this RC Quadcopter, on EC-HOBBY RC Hobby Online store.
.Six groups output ports: Can drive ESC or servo.
.aerial photos PTZ link function CAMP CAMR.
.Compass Function: the flight attitude will come back to the attitude direction when power on the batterys.
.6-AXIS GYRO system, adopts three-axis acceleration sensor and three-axis angular rate sensor.

Produce configuration:
RTF (Ready to Fly, only required 8 AA batteries for the transmitter to start flying)
1. Motor: 4pcs 1804 2000-2200KV (Supported 7.4V or 11.1V lipo-battery) brushless motor;
2. Transmitter: NASA701 7ch 2.4Ghz LCD radio control Transmitter;
3. Receiver: SKY-707 3-Axis Compass 2.4Ghz 7CH receiver;
4. Control System: Butteryfly flight control board
5. Battery: 7.4V 1300mah LI-PO battery;
6. ESC: BSC-15AS Electronic speed controller;
7. Chargers: HS006 balance charger, 12V power adaptor.

Butterfly cool styling
.Simple atmosphere, showing off perfect detail of industrial design.
.Innovative design caters to imagination.
.Support X-axis, additionally set up PTZ.

Butterfly brushless Outrunner Motor
.Continuously provide robust power.
.Advantages with high efficency, no-spark interference, power large.
.Only support 7.V power saving battery.

Butterfly colorful chassis
.Beautiful curves with dynamic.
.Electronic components can be better protected with whole shaped technology of PVC materials.
.Convenient of installation and replacement.

Butterfly Main Control Board
.Stable and superior performance adopting with high-quality components. Using 32BIT singlechip.
.Stable hovering supported with self-stabilization system.
.Have aerial photo PTZ link function CAMP CAMR.

Butterfly Brushless Electronic speed controller
.The rotate speed of motor can be adjusted by 15AS BL ESC.
.High efficiency, powerful function.

Butterfly 5030 THREE-Blade propeller
.Provide lift force and dynamic of forward and back.
.Firm materials, unbreakable.

7 Channel 2.4GHz radio control Transmitter
.D/R EXP function: Dual Rates and Expo.
.Built-in 12 types planes, really realize one control mutiple models.
.Control distance 800 meters.
.LCD large screen display.

Introduce how to adjust Butterfly video: