$38 RC Battle Tank with FPV - Attop 211 Mini Tank - TheRcSaylors. (Best Remote Control Tanks for Sale, Radio Controlled Tanks, Heng Long RC Tanks, RC Tanks for Adults, RC Tank that Shoots, Full Metal RC Tank)

$38 RC Battle Tank with FPV - Attop 211 Mini Tank - TheRcSaylors. (Best Remote Control Tanks for Sale, Radio Controlled Tanks, Heng Long RC Tanks, RC Tanks for Adults, RC Tank that Shoots, Full Metal RC Tank)
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$38 RC Battle Tank with FPV - Attop 211 Mini Tank - TheRcSaylors. (Best Remote Control Tanks for Sale, Radio Controlled Tanks, Heng Long RC Tanks, RC Tanks for Adults, RC Tank that Shoots, Full Metal RC Tank)

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Buy it here: https://goo.gl/hJpyFv Support us on Patreon - http://www.patreon.com/thercsaylors Tonight we decided to try out this cute little orange tank that comes in at only $38. Featuring an FPV camera and a battle mode, we were really excited to try this one out. Do you think it is worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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Cool idea for a tank rc, it looks like it would be awesome if like you said it controlled better and if the camera was better. That tank game looks like it could be really fun, both pve and pvp. Popeye is so funny! ?
You folks put out such great verity. Keep up the awesome work.
That thing looks great. Think I'm using one in my next projects. :)
I agree just looks a little to hard to control. Awesome review! Lots of Popeye action the time. #teampopeye
The concept is great imagine two of them chasing each other recording hits awesome thanks for the report
Practice, practice, practice guys. The pve mode looked really cool. You could probably add a key chain led light to the tank
Kind of cool! Definitely should come with a radio instead of an app. I wish all these companies would just be done with wifi fpv and go with 5.8ghz. Maybe soon hopefully. Nice review! Later gators.
Hey guys I've been watching for a while now and I love the bids keep it up
Cool lookin tank but only if the camera quality was better. Excellent video Nate & Abby!!
Not my kinda thing but defiantly price friendly. Good gift possibility for a few I know. Love the sruffy Nate..how does Abby feel about it? Thanks for the Video and all you do!
That is a cool looking tank.
Sorry for my strange comment earlier I meant to recommend the eachine e013 tiny whoop it has alot of potential as a good starter drone but amazing video you guys
Good morning Saylors from SLC! Oh man, by belly hurts from laughing with (not at) you guys! Popeye was the star of the show. His little super-still alert stance before attacking the tank is just too funny! Thanks so much for this super entertaining video, my friends! JP
This little tank looks kinda like an orange version of Wall-E! Very neat little tank!!!
Great job! Dead on again... great concept... another 300 bucks, people would pay to perfect it!
Neat. Rc and video game combined. Good vid
Interesting concept though... to mix FPV with AR. May be dark so you can see the graphics over video. It would be cool if someone could invent AR to allow you to create a virtual FPV racing course! Then you drive your car thru it!
Cool little RC car...I like the concept of it(notification squad!!!)
"I love it...fpv vehicle for less than half the price of my Parrot RollingNight Drone.
Parrot no longer support's the machine and the only way to use it now is to turn 45degree each time you want to change direction.
Diesel was great fun when i bought him back in 2016...great fun rolling around my apatment at night with the house light's off...not so great now in 2020.
still make's a nice shelf filler along with my other bricked rc toy's."
Kinda cool. Thanks for the review
Best use of this tank is to give it to Popey as a chew toy!
Please do a review of the (appbot Riley) It is a toy/security WiFi robot it is really cool and cost about $150
Yep agreed defintly a pass on that tank..Great toy for Popeye though :-)
back out on the road but have some slack time and loved the vid i dont care what you say it was a great tank for popeye until you made him pout and walk away for his barking edits lol
Too bad it didnt have a working gun on that shot out plastic B.Bs that would had been cool, but great job guys as usual
Abby didn't know the difference between pvp and pve (anti-nerd alert!)!
Funny video, that thing was promising . It was not quiet at all lol
Awesome video guys
Hi Nate and Abby and i would not forget the loveable Popeye its nice little tank fast,and Popeye wants to get in the action Too Its the Attack of Popeye lol
this looks neat its so loud tho
Apps... Tank had promise, a few tweeks,5.8 w/ controller better camera less noise.Not to many fixes Popeye had fun.
I have that rc and i got it for christmas in 2017
Please review some hobby grade race drone such as the eachine wizard x220s
Cool I like that. How y'all been doing
Awesome video cool
I wanna buy a shirt!
Thumbs up for you guys and popeye but thumbs down for the tank,I did like the little battle thing built in with the app but it did not aim well at all.
Popeye the robot killer .awesome video
you guys should collaborate with another youtuber
OMG I just got one a year ago but the antenna broke off
It's a good toy for Popeye

lol :-) You guys have a great Easter.
Now were talkin rc this is very cool for it size!!
I don't understand...what happened to trying it outside?
Need FPV goggles ???
Your all cool.
I guess we don't need to worry about Chinese spies sneaking up on us then?
Thats a crazy thing. Too bad its so dark. I take it thats Wifi? Popeye is having a field day. The darkness might be caused by the lens and apeture. That needs a bit of refinement before that becomes a really cool thing. They are on to something there. just needs tweeking, no not twerking( auto correct was trying to say twerking, lol.
"Im early!!


First like"
Where's the props guys? Jk lol cool video
is annoying good word to describe tank?
I have watched all your vids
Early squad where you guys at (:
Lol why was your name Aaron? XD
Notification squadd
am i early enough :)
A little late today
Could you please send me a drone I am really poor and my parents said they are too expensive